Fail Friday – Part 1

It’s Friday. Here are some things to avoid during the start of your awesome weekend.

Man Arrested During Hair Cut

Limo Fail

Fitness Fail

Fail Bike Lock

Camera in face

You had one job Toothbrushes Toothpaste

OMG I hate my job Facebook Fail

Water Fun Fail

Mullets Awkward Family Photo

Candy Corn Pops

Justin Bieber Meat Sculpture

Reporter Fail Hit by a flying stop sign GIF

Ice cream fail

So drunk cops have to hold head up for mug shot

What if 420 was on friday the 13th FAIL

Funny Quote The only reason Im fat is because a tiny body couldnt store all this personality

I kinda want to delete you from facebook Facebook Fail

Beer bong fail

Fresh Concrete Fail

Segway Fail

Swing fail into the water GIF

2 drinks for the price of 2 drinks Sign Fail or Sarcastic Win

Facebook Fail Legends are forgotten over time warrior never get forgotten

Back Fail

People of Walmart Clothing Fail

SURI FAIL Call me an ambulance

Bike lock fail

Wheres my pocket

Pogo Stick Fail GIF

Pitching fail GIF

iPod destroyed by dog FAIL

Grammar Fail Patience

Driving fail

Computer Art Fail

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