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Car Reviewer Infuriated By Luxury Car

It’s not often you come across reviews of high priced luxury items and the reviewer is legitimately disgusted and insulted by the product. At first you might think this is a video made by the Onion. Nope, it is a real review by Car Tech via CNET. This review is on the 2012 Aston Martin

Epic Statue Transformation

This was originally a monument built for the Russian Red Army soldiers in Sofia, Bulgaria. An anonymous street artist cleverly transformed the statue into a super hero/American pop culture montage. Below the statue it says “Moving with the times” in Bulgarian. Images by: Julia Lazarova via:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Internet Users

The internet is a powerful and amazing tool of which humans from centuries past could not even come close to comprehending. Vast stores of human knowledge accessible at our fingertips via Wikipedia and their linked sources, the ability to communicate with long lost relatives with just a couple clicks and a few keystrokes, and many

101 Knock Knock Jokes

Here is a big list of some of our favorite knock knock jokes. Enjoy! 1. Knock knock… Who’s there? Little old lady… Little old lady who?… Hey, I didn’t know you could yodel! 2. Knock knock… Who’s there?… Interupting Cow. Interup… MOOOOO! 3. Knock knock… Who’s there? I eat mop. I eat mop who? 4.

101 Funny Love Quotes

1.     If love is the answer, can you rephrase the question? 2.     Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand. 3.    A happy man marries the girl he loves; a happier man loves the girl he marries. 4.    Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. 2nd marriage is the triumph of hope over

101 Funny Quotes

101 Funny, interesting and possibly inspiring quotes. Enjoy 1. Be so good they can’t ignore you. – Steve Martin 2. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. 3. Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in love. Never return. 4. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

The Beards Are Back – Duck Dynasty LOL & Philosophy

Normally it’s easy to  laugh at bearded hillbillies. This family is different. They are hilarious. I’ve watched about 5 episodes probably every at this point and these guys are more rock ‘n roll than hillbilly. Here’s a collection of some of their hilarity and philosophy. Duck Dynasty Quotes

Ever wondered what English sounds like to non English speakers?

Here’s a song written in the 70’s by Adriano Celantano called Prisecolinensinenciousol. Written entirley in gibberish, this funky jam was crafted to sound like American English.  I’m a bit disappointed there is no transcribe button on this video. I’m sure the results would be hilarious. Pump up the volume and enjoy!

Funny Science Fair Projects

If you went to public schools you most likely had to participate in the science fair. There were always those kids who overachieved and made some crazy projects. There also those kids who were a little out there or who just didn’t care. These are those kids.

101 Funny Pick Up Lines

Funny, corny, cute, and cheesy pick up lines. Do not use these in real life! That is unless you want a good laugh. 1. Do you have a library card? Because I’m checking you out. 2. I’ll give you five seconds to give me your number or you can forget about going out with me