Funny Pictures #107 (30 Pics)


Wizard of Oz Funny Synopsis

Trippy Cake

There are plenty of people on the land

Shut up and take my candy

Romney Face Swap

Quote I didnt say it was your fault I said I was going to blame you

Push button wait for ninja

Plan Ahead

My level of maturity changes depending on who Im with

Musical Fruit

Monty Python Clock

Mind if I comb over

Meanwhile in Australia

Late because Bohemian Rhapsody came on the radio and you dont walk away from a jam like that

Kid hates plain doughnuts essay

Jimmy Cage

How to be black

How I think I look How I actually look

Funny Twitter If taylor swift wasnt shaped like a breadstick

Funny Twitter Favorite part of attending a marathon

Funny Text Message Yo Momma

Funny Dog It just like exploded or something

Funny Baby

Found the perfect guy Who is it this week

Epic dodgeball gif

Dude Bach Off Ludwigs Van

Challenge considered Climb to toilet

Cat in a racecar box

Banana I dont like this game

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