Funny Pictures #109 (30 Pics)

Wife is on vacation Fort Thunderdome

Who came up with hugs

Vampire tea bags

Tough guy in cat shirt


Spandex is an anagram for expands

Sometimes I need an expert opinion

Preferred method of transportation

Now you were not downloaded you were born

Make the milk shakes they said

Jimmy Cage

If Biden and Ryan switched haircuts

I will not turn my clock back I will be living one hour in the future

I sorted your recyclables PUG

How to confuse an idiot

Hmm not sure if I want to go down that road

Here have a nice hot bowl with cold spagetti

Headphones 1998 vs 2012


Funny Sign Do not diet

Funny Romney Twitter Hurricane head to their second or third homes

Funny Facebook I kinda want a girlfriend

Debbie works three jobs to support her cats

Dear football players Single music theatre

Crazy how nature make dat

Canadian police chace

Apple Pro Mouse LOL

All the elephants would die

Air horn under chair prank

Accidentally wore a red shirt and khaki pants to target

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