Funny Pictures #134 (25 Pics)

Unfortunately, swag is not a credential that will land you a job.

Amazing what partying can do to your appearance.

What is your zombie weapon?

A bitter fluid used to help white people dance. Well, I sure doesn’t help me dance. That’s for sure. I might think it helps, but video evidence proves otherwise.

The mountain of metal.

Sometimes people learn the hard way. In this case, a coconut to the face proved his buddy wrong.

Cartoons are silly. Really? You can’t just slip through the bars? Smurfs sure are dumb.

Science is a vaccine against charlatans

The Nokia Zombie Hammer. One of the many uses for the old, indestructible Nokia phones.

Mom, they called me husky.

Meanwhile, on instagram… I’m never going to understand the food photo fad. Let my food get cold for a photo op? No way!

Meanwhile in Florida.

It takes skill to trip over flat surfaces, which seems to happen more and more as I get older.

I need money, not a job. Exactly.

God likes penguins so much, he created a continent just for them.

Moms just don’t understand the desire to do hoodrat things with your friends.

Everyone needs a friend like this.

Cat finally discovers the source of the red dot. Are you prepared to explain it to your cat when it finds out?

That’s what it’s all about. Hot dog! … Ok. I’m a dork.

Sure… “For medical use only”

Quick! Flush all the catnip! I knew I never should have hung out with you guys.

Beer mode. Every phone should have this feature. I could have used this a long time ago.

Eminem made of M and M’s

Dogs in a civil society. Waiting in line for the pee tree.

Woah. Can’t tell if this cat is cute or really scary.

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