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Epic Statue Transformation

This was originally a monument built for the Russian Red Army soldiers in Sofia, Bulgaria. An anonymous street artist cleverly transformed the statue into a super hero/American pop culture montage. Below the statue it says “Moving with the times” in Bulgarian. Images by: Julia Lazarova via:

Funny Fortune Cookies

I have to admit that I truly believed in fortune cookies when I was a child. Why? Probably the same reason I believed in Santa and Slash. I have a feeling that although most people know better, they still somewhere in the back of their minds believe in the power of fortune telling cookies. Here

Funny Halloween Costumes

Ah yes! It’s that time of year again. Time to get all dressed up, eat too much candy and have just a little too much fun. Here is some inspiration for those of you who will probably show up to the party in you everyday clothes with just a wig on. Don’t be boring. Take