10 signs you are about to get fired

Feeling a bit too cozy in your job? Well, don’t get too comfortable. Here are 10 signs you are about to get fired from your job.

1. Your manager stops replying to all of your emails complaining about the company.


2. You notice you’re not on next week’s schedule.


3. You can’t find your name in the email directory anymore.


4. Everyone suddenly stops talking when you walk into the lunch room. You go out for lunch, and when you come back…


5. Your security badge that unlocks the door doesn’t work. Your boss asks for you to turn it in.


6. Someone else is sitting at your desk.


7. Your boss walks over to say that he needs to talk to you adding, “Please, bring all your stuff.”


When you follow him…

8. You notice HR is already waiting in the meeting room.


9. Your boss looks at you and says “You know, I just don’t think this is working out.”

not working out

10.   You realize that your boss just found the list you wrote about “The top 10 signs that you have a bad manager.”

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