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    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some ultra conservative helicopter mom who saw this in a store and threw a fit over this inappropriate game, while failing to notice that the price tag was covering the full title. More

  • Funny Tattoos

    These pictures represent the reason why I don’t have any tattoos. I just know I’d end up regretting going to that wild party and being overly optimistic about the weekend tattoo artist looking to give free tattoos. More

  • Funny Haircuts

    Want look cool or at least presentable? These are the hair styles you’ll probably want to avoid. Here are a bunch of funny hair cut pictures: More

  • Math Teacher Fail

    Um.. also, who takes that long to cut a freakin’ board? The math:1 cut = 2 pieces = 10 mins2 cuts = 3 pieces = 10 mins3 cuts = 4 pieces = 10 mins More