Funny Hippie Pick Up Lines

Let’s do it like they do it in Libya. No protection required.

If I told you you had a beautiful Prius, would you hold it against me?

Your mouth says “no,” but this order from the California Court of Appeals says “yes.”

Hello, perhaps I could have someone else buy you a drink?

Your organic cotton t-shirt looks really soft. Can I feel it?

So, do you come to this abortion clinic often?

You had me at Che.

I just love the way you’ve styled the hair on your legs. Do the cornrows go all the way up?

If I said you had the body of an all-natural, organic-living, animal-loving, environment-nurturing, whale-saving sex machine, would you hold it against me? Please?

How about we go back to your place and cause some global warming?

Could you help me out? I’m trying to decide if I want to keep these new hemp sheets, but I need a second opinion.

Wanna go to my parent’s basement and make a POC.

You know what they say about the size of a man’s carbon footprint.

You and me together would be totally groovy baby!

Hey, lets make like a blunt and roll.

Come into the kitchen and I’ll show you how I put the counter in counterculture.

Turn on, tune in, drop your pants.

I’m a conscientious subjector.

Wanna come back to my place to discuss complex inter-related cultural and political trends?

I’ll eat your peach if you try my zucchini.

I’d be willing to give up meat — but I’d never give up you.

My heart is certified cage-free, so my love can roam to you.

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