Louis CK Asks Donald Rumsfeld If He’s A Lizard

Back in 2011 former secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, made the rounds on various popular radio shows in an attempt to promote his memoir. Whoever it was on the Rumsfeld PR team that thought it would be a good idea to put him and Louis CK on the radio at the same time, obviously had no idea that putting a political figure on a comedy show might not be the best idea. A little more research might have revealed that he was going onto a comedy show with another guest known to not have much of a filter.

In the video below, Louis CK asks a few simple questions about Rumsfeld’s past as a congressman, who he’d worked with and transitions into straight up asking him if he and Dick Cheney are lizards from outer space who eat human flesh , which Rumsfeld avoids completely. Since he denied it, Louis’ only conclusion is that Rumsfeld is indeed a lizard. Lol.

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