Music & Musician Pick Up Lines

Whether you’re a band geek or a long haired rocker, these funny music pick up lines are sure to help you get a laugh.

You can tickle my ivories anytime, baby.

Baby when we’re done, you’re gonna need a whole rest

How would you like to see my big organ?

Do you believe in premarital sax?

A ‘cello isn’t the only interesting thing between my legs.

I’d like to finger your fret board.

You know, musicians have great rhythm.

Baby, you’d better lower your pitch, ‘cause right now, you’re lookin’ sharp!

I wanna rosin your bow.

Wanna strum my g-string?

You have a nice set of mallets.

Guitarists finger faster, you know.

Do you believe in love at first set, or do we have to run it again?

Do you mind helping me work on my fingerings?

Altos know how to go down low.

Hey baby I play bass drum, so you know I could give you a nice deep bang…

Trombones can do seven positions, and baby, my favourite’s on the floor.

Stop, you’re giving me a woodwind.

Saxophonists do it wish alternate fingering.

If you were a saxophone, I could finger twelve notes on you with just my left hand.

Save a drum, bang a drummer.

Is there a triad in your pocket, or are you just augmented to see me?

You’re a Major part of my life. Without you, I’d B flat.

Hey baby, there’s no need to fret if your g-string is open.

If you were my theory homework, I’d slam you on the table and do you all night long.

I see you play bass clarinet. You must like the bigger kinds of wood.

I C Major potential in you and me performing a duet together.

Don’t worry, I play oboe. I can handle double the wood.

A trumpet isn’t the only thing I can make scream high notes.

Let’s just cut to the chase and duet already.

Composers know how to score.

What’s say you and I go into a practice room and work on some harmonies together?

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