25 Funny Passive Aggressive Notes

Sometimes being direct with people just doesn’t work. How many times have tried to call someone out for being messy, not doing their job, or ignoring something important and the only result you get is no result? That’s where using the old passive aggressive note technique comes in. It’s a loud way of calling someone out without even needing to be there. Here is a list of 25 funny notes that are passive aggressive.

#1 Sink is not a trash can

I have seen bathrooms like this before. Not sure why people think it's ok to throw trash in the sink especially when there's a trash hole in the counter six inches away. Some people have no respect.

#2 Non-smoking area during meal service

How dare they not allow me to smoke in the same room as people trying to enjoy their lunch!

#3 We’re not stupid

This is classic lazy facility management. My guess is they just didn't want to deal with maintaining the facility anymore so they used an easy excuse to say that it's closed until further notice. I mean, for real? Let them use the microwave at least.

#4 You know who you are

If you know their name, why not speak to them directly or to the board instead of leaving a passive aggressive note? Well, the answer is that the person would not have had the short lived satisfaction of leaving a passive aggressive note.

#5 Clever Wifi Name

This is a clever use of passive aggression. Got beef with a neighbor? State your problem by renaming your wifi id with your complaint.

#6 Parking spot chalk

This is a great way to get someone to rethink their lazy entitled ways of parking. I know if I got back to my car and someone did this I would pay more attention to the way I park for sure.

#7 Fortune cookie

What better way to end your take out meal than to open a delicious fortune cookie just to have it tell you that your exercise routine sucks.

#8 If you care

If you care, we make environment friendly products. You probably don't care though.

#9 Ugly mail box

Someone hated this persons mail box so much that the needed to leave a note to change it with a better one. This person needs to find a better way to spend their time.

#10 Paper clips

Hmm... Make words with paper clips and then photocopy it to make a note? That sure is a lot of effort just to make a point that could easily be made by ignoring the person completly.

#11 Broom in the mop sink

Whoever kept putting the broom in the mop sink might have been the initial passive aggressive person in this situation.

#12 Annoying neightbors

This is why choosing to rent an apartment with neighbors above you is always a gamble. If you're lucky you'll get the binge watcher who doesn't move around much. If you're unlucky you'll get the neighbor who has spontaneous dance parties at 2am.

#13 If you eat my Kashi bars

The absolute worst part of having roommates is disappearing food.

#14 3 minute lesson

#15 Clean The George Foreman Grill

#16 Ripe Tomato

#17 Brings out the BO

#18 It only works if you turn it on

#19 Spellcheck before printing

#20 You seem stressed 🙂

#21 Try walking to another floor

#22 Harry Potter Doesn’t live here

Good effort but I doubt the type of person who throws trash over your fence is going to read this.

#23 Please slow down

The top part of note #4 on this post

#24 Please check

Check marks are the proper response to this note.

#25 No offense but

Van life...

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