Funny Social Distancing Pick Up Lines

In a normal world the other lists of funny pick up lines that we’ve compiled would normally be great ice breakers when approaching someone that catches your eye. Well, we don’t live in that world right now. Coronavirus has added a 6 foot social distancing buffer around all of us. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be a flirtatious goofball from a distance. People all over the internet have been coming up with some hilarious social distancing pick up lines to adapt to these strange times. As we find more we will keep adding to the list below.

#1 Is that hand sanitizer in your pocket, or are you just happy to be within 6 feet of me?

#2 Contagious smile. Infectious laughter. If looks could kill, you’d be COVID-19.

#3 Since all the public libraries are closed, I’m checking you out instead.

#4 Hey baby, I’m still employed.

#5 Hey baby, you come within 6 feet of here often?

#6 Are you covid-19 because if I had you near me I wouldn’t leave the house for two weeks straight.

#7 FaceTime and chill?

#8 One ply? Two ply? Neither. The only thing I’m looking for is your re-ply.

#9 You Smell So Good, Is That Purell You’re Wearing?

#10 Are you a pandemic because you’ve got my heart on lockdown.

#11 What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? Or anyplace? Seriously, wtf? Go home.

#12 Roses are red. Violets are blue. If I end up in quarantine I hope it’s with you.

#13 Wanna get closer than 6 feet?

#14 Do you need toilet paper because I will be your Prince Charmin.

#15 If Covid-19 doesn’t take you out, can I?

#16 Restaurants and bars may be closed, but i’m open for business.

#17 -cough- Wait! I didn’t even say my line yet…

#18 I’m just a girl, standing 6 feet away from a boy.  Asking him to maybe move back another foot.  Thanks.

#19 Cough here often?

#20 Do you need some essential servicing?

#21 Our country is making a lot of mistakes during this crisis. Can I be yours?

#22 We were all told to stay 6 feet apart, but for you I’m willing to risk 4 feet.

#23 Give me your meeting ID cause I want to Zoom into your heart.

#24 I’m throwing a quarantine party and none of you are invited!

#25 I saw you from across the bar. Stay there.

#26 You can’t spell quarantine without “u r a q t”

#27 If I had a dollar for every time I thought about you, I’d be in the highest tax bracket and then I’d be able to get tested for coronavirus.

#28 Wanna make plans that we have to cancel?

#29 You can’t spell quarantine without U and I.

#30 So, do you go nowhere often?

#31 Without you, my life is as empty as the supermarket shelves.

#32 If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d keep U and I exactly where they are, with eleven letters of longing between them.

#33 Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past your house on the other side of the street again?

#34 Did you just give me the virus because baby, you are getting me all hot and bothered.

#35 Are you hand sanitizer? Because I want you all over me.

#36 Hey baby, I’ve got toilet paper and hand sanitizer back at my place.

#37 If you need someone to self-isolate with I make a mean Quarantini.

#38 That mask brings out the beauty in your eyes.

#39 Hey babe! Can I ship you a drink?

#40 I’d jump in front of a sneeze for you.

#41 Baby, you must be pneumonia, because you’re taking my breath away.

#42 Times are tough and I want to support you. If you come back to my place I’ll let you have access to my stimulus package.

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