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    Every time I see this picture I wonder how I would react if a raccoon walked through the door carrying a cat. I think I’d either faint or scream like a little girl and completely freak out. It would probably be both. I’m going to […] More


    I still do all of these. Especially forgetting why I walked into a room. It usually takes me a good half an hour to remember what I was doing. Must not have been that important. I still don’t want to believe that hearts aren’t shaped […] More


    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some ultra conservative helicopter mom who saw this in a store and threw a fit over this inappropriate game, while failing to notice that the price tag was covering the full title. More


    I have never had a cat of my own, but I’ve lived with roommates who have. This has to be one of the most annoying sleep disturbances ever. Pawing at the door and meowing at the top of their little lungs. And then you open […] More

  • 10 signs you are about to get fired

    1. Your manager stops replying to all of your emails complaining about the company. 2. You notice you’re not on next week’s schedule. 3. You can’t find your name in the email directory anymore. 4. Everyone suddenly stops talking when you walk into the lunch […] More

  • How to be awesome in 10 easy steps

    Look. We all know bein’ awesome ain’t easy. I’ll bet most of the time you sit back and wonder, “How in the world does that guy do it?” He gets the chicks. He has wicked nunchuck skills… Everyone thinks he’s totally awesome. Well. You no […] More

  • Epic Statue Transformation

    This was originally a monument built for the Russian Red Army soldiers in Sofia, Bulgaria. An anonymous street artist cleverly transformed the statue into a super hero/American pop culture montage. Below the statue it says “Moving with the times” in Bulgarian. Images by: Julia Lazarova […] More

  • Funny Fortune Cookies

    I have to admit that I truly believed in fortune cookies when I was a child. Why? Probably the same reason I believed in Santa and Slash. I have a feeling that although most people know better, they still somewhere in the back of their […] More

  • Funny Tattoos

    These pictures represent the reason why I don’t have any tattoos. I just know I’d end up regretting going to that wild party and being overly optimistic about the weekend tattoo artist looking to give free tattoos. More